When someone makes the investment in themselves to take your training class or course, they're trusting you with the creditability of their skills and knowledge base. Hand your students something that symbolizes the beauty in the hard work and focus they've dedicated by learning from you. Double-Sided Certificates are bold designs that signify a student has passed his/her instructors standards of installation and will be continuing their education and training. They’re specifically for bosses that want to showcase their work and brand identity a little more with the back side! Certificates are designed as a 8.5" x 11". All graphics are designed in Adobe Photoshop are available for download via customized dropbox file after purchase and finalization.




  • Certificates come with 1 concept. Complete redesign due to change in design vision/materials (different colors, new information, new images) will result in a $30 fee.
  • All information must be entered through the website or sent typed out via email within 3 business days of the purchase date. Information that is NOT TYPED OUT will result in a $25 service fee.
  • Be sure to double check your information for grammatical errors, correct prices and proper spelling.
  • Low quality images will not be accepted. Please see our “Do and Don’t Content Guide” on our resources page!
  • CSGFX keeps all CSGFX logos on file. Clients that have received logo construction services from us do not have to send their pngs, only the images they’d like to be included.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are not interested in ordering prints along with your project design, it is best to print the file using a vendor or 3rd party. Home printers will shrink the totality of the design and will not go edge to edge. Try vendors like Office Depot, Vistaprint and your local printer for best results!

Double Sided Course Certificates

  • Here’s what you should know about shipping:

    • Standard shipping time for all CSGFX Prints is 5-7 Business Days

    • Prints will be processed 1 business day after client approval of the project.

    • Be sure to double check your shipping address at checkout! Address changes cannot be made after purchase is complete.


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